Hear the Band/Meet the Band
Although at various times the show is performed with other great musicians and vocalists, the people that we're featuring on this page comprise the team that brought the project to life.  The process of exploring and creating Tapestry Rewoven started with Laurie Krauz (vocals) & Daryl Kojak (piano and musical direction).  When we felt ready, we began exploring the music with our full rhythm section by adding Gene Lewin (drums) & Sean Conly (bass).  After a while we felt it was time to add other "flavors" and explore further so in came Jamie Fox (guitar) and "Sweet" Sue Terry (alto sax & flute).  Finally, the time came to add backup vocals and in came Emily Bindiger, Margaret Dorn and Kathryn Raio.  Every single one of these talented artists contributed a great deal to the final product and we will be forever in their debt.  Please scroll down and follow the links (click into their names or photos) to their various web pages, learn more about them, and listen to some of their other work.  They're all amazing artists and amazing people!  They appear in the order in which they joined the project.

Laurie Krauz
lead vocalist

(photo: Amanda Bernsohn)

Daryl Kojak
musical director, arranger, piano

Gene Lewin


Sean Conly



Jamie Fox


"Sweet" Sue Terry
alto sax, flute

(photo: Paul Aresu)


Emily Bindiger
backup vocals


Margaret Dorn
backup vocals


Kathryn Raio
backup vocals

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